Welcome back, our Blog Reader! These last few months, we’ve been preparing something special and heart-warming that will let you immerse into our Mason Garments family even more. In October, our team went to Italy for a week to visit our manufacturing partners and film a production video documentary. And now, we are ready with the result! You can watch the short movie below. And afterwards, don’t forget to keep reading this article to discover some behind-the-scenes stories and facts!

October, 2021:

A team of four, including 1) our creative director Rendi, 2) managing director Soufyan, 3) branding director Paul, and 4) visual director of this movie Quanq, had a short trip to Italy. They visited two factories where both our manufacturing and this production video action take place. The first place is from the main manufacturer that produces the upper and finalizes the product into one whole. The second one was Top Fondi, our outsole partner, that makes lower shoe parts for world’s biggest fashion houses.

Want to see more behind-the-scenes shots from the factories? Check out our TikTok video from that trip.

Rendi and the production team visit our Italian factories regularly, but for the branding director Paul this was the first time. And so, he decided to share his thoughts and feelings from that trip:

“It was a great experience seeing our footwear come to life. I was really fascinated by the craftsmanship of the artisans working in the factory. Of course, I had an idea of how our production process works! But still, I was blown away by the level of professionals’ expertise.

A big plus for us was spending time together with the factory owners and their families, going to dinners and just bonding with them. It feels as if they are my family as well.

We ended the trip in Rome, where we stayed an extra day to enjoy the city. It was really nice since we haven’t been able to travel a lot the past few years due to covid.”

So what is so special about our production?

The fact that we produce all of our footwear in Italy already makes it special. The level of Italian craftsmanship is the best in the world.

Moreover, the time we spend on our research & development for new collections translates into high-standard outcomes and innovative designs. To ensure that great quality, we prefer the classic approach of manual skills. It also helps keep the general art of craftsmanship alive. After all, we create footwear for people by people, and we share our passion with each new customer.

If you want to know more about our brand, here is a short Brand History blog post that is definitely worth the read.

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