The last week of November was memorable for the Mason Garments team since we opened a holiday concept space at de Bijenkorf in Amsterdam. If you haven’t yet visited it, we strongly advise you to solve this mistake – the corner will be staying there until the 4th of January!😉 But before that, read our short interview with the Brand Director and creator of the space – Paul Wismeier.

Why did you decide to add a concept space at Bijenkorf?

De Bijenkorf is the biggest department store in the Netherlands and one of our top-tier retailers. When they asked us to build a concept space for the holiday season, of course, we couldn’t pass the opportunity!

What was the idea behind it?

This place is the representation of our FW20 collection titled Vision of Tomorrow. The collection is all about the growth and development of the brand and its designs. We added new, innovative, and futuristic details to already existing staple silhouettes.

I wanted the space to be an extension of this story: the Galaxy portraying a large space of opportunities with Planet Mason as a center of it all. Elements of the space include Planet Mason with our MASON logo that is inspired by our branded golden eyelet; triangle LED that is a reference to our old pyramid-shaped M-logo; and mirrors that represent a portal to another dimension.

Christmas is coming, and the concept space will be there during the holiday period. Did you prepare any presents?

Yeah, we are giving away free goodie bags to customers buying Mason Garments products in the concept corner. Be fast to stop by and purchase your favourite MG items to get your present🎁

What was the most challenging in preparing the concept space?

The most challenging is bringing your idea to life. We had a few designs and notions before we came up with the concept as it is right now. Going back and forth with our 3D designer, de Bijenkorf, and the contractor can be very time-consuming. But I always learn a lot during such processes.

What did you enjoy the most in the process?

Seeing the concept we wanted coming to life felt very satisfying. Watching people enjoy the set-up and idea is truly rewarding.
This space itself stands for the growth of the brand. It is the biggest in-store display we’ve built to date, at one of the most significant retailers that we have. We can only go further and higher. Tomorrow starts today!

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