With summer coming extremely soon, we’ve decided to pay extra attention to our new SS21 styles for warm seasons. With this in mind, let’s delve into Astro line and specifically its styling. To simplify the outfit decision difficulties, we’ve created male and female clothing capsules that will nicely match our Astro sneakers. Have a look at collages, choose your favourite look, find similar clothing items, and you’re good to go!

Black Astro colorway

With black being the most versatile and matchable colorway of Astro, it initiates interesting yet less time-consuming outfits. For instance, a female capsule can consist of classic Bermuda shorts and casual jeans for bottoms, simple light tops, a black blazer, and finishing accessories.

The men’s capsule with black Astros can be even more relaxing and casual. Matching black, white, beige, grey, and denim conveys that level of unobtrusiveness and effortlessness required in an everyday look.

Green Astro colorway

For women’s selection around the green Astro style, we tried to play with colours more. It shows how bright and bold outfits can be whenever you don’t limit yourself. Nevertheless, we still kept the casualness in clothes and accessories chosen for maximum comfort.

The men’s outfits are also bright for a reason, to emphasize the uncommon hue of Astros. However, to show the possibility of being colourful and eye-catching without a huge scatter of different hues, we’ve maintained the color selection in 3 colors; green, yellow, and blue.

White Astro sneakers

The off-white version of Astro is the most suitable one for summer times, in our opinion. Mixing it with similar light shades of clothing visually elevates the look and adds air to it. But of course, nobody cancels the good old bright accents. For example, the female capsule above has lime green and yellow elements that completely change the game and spice it up.

Doesn’t matter which Astro colour you choose – all three versions can become the central pieces of your spring/summer outfits. Just set your imagination and creative spirit free, and don’t forget to enjoy the upcoming warm days!

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