Have you ever browsed through all the Mason Garments pairs, not sure which one to choose? Then say no more! This blog post will be dedicated to explaining how our style selection differs, and which one is better for which occasions. So let’s not waste any time and dive right into it!

MG style

As you may see on the Image, these are all 9 styles that are available in the Spring/Summer 2021 collection. Each of them has some distinctive features that are visible from this illustration. Although they are all unisex and highly versatile, some of them are still better for certain occasions than others.


The top three pairs, namely Tia, Firenze, and Torino, are the most suitable for classic outfits with a note of casual in them. Minimum of details and absence of complex multilayering offers clean fit and elegant style.

Of course, not all of them are tonal and all-matchy. There are bold color solutions for these classic options as well. However, in general, if you need one pair that would be perfect for all your looks, these are the right ones to select.

Complex style

Torino M and Genova from the second row are more complex in terms of form. You might have noticed that, for instance, Torino M is an upgraded version of the previously mentioned Torino. It now has an extra layer with the characteristic M-shaped side panel.

Genova silhouette is the most innovative and intricate at the moment, combining 6 different layers. Its progressive look will be a great addition to any casual or sport-chic outfit.

Spring / Summer style

The last 4 series (Roma Kickflip, Capri, Astro, and Lucca) from the selection were added in this SS21 collection and are thus the most recent styles. They are the ones to become your go-to pairs for warm weather and light clothing. This is especially true for the Capri pair as it won’t even require you to lace the shoes but rather simply slide your feet in and go on enjoying the sun.

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