Have you ever browsed through all the Mason Garments styles, not sure which one to choose? Then say no more! This page will help explain how our series differ and which one is better for which occasion. So let’s not waste any time and dive right into it!

In the Fall/Winter 2022 collection, there are twelve different footwear families in total, plus one extra (slides). Each of them has its distinctive features that are visible from the illustration. Although they are all unisex and highly versatile, some are more applicable than others for specific cases.

All-time classics

The top three pairs, namely Tia, Firenze, and Torino, are the most suitable for classic or everyday occasions with a casual note. Minimum details and absence of complex multilayering offer a clean fit and elegant style.
Of course, not all of those sneakers are tonal and all-matchy. There are also bold color and material solutions for these classic options. However, in general, if you need one Mason Garments style that would be perfect for all your looks, these are the right ones to choose from.

Complex Mason Garments style

Torino M and Genova are more complex in terms of form and structure. You might have also noticed that, for instance, Torino M is an upgraded version of the previously mentioned Torino. It has an extra layer with a characteristic M-shaped side panel.
Genova silhouette is the most innovative and intricate at the moment, combining six different layers and more than 75 individual components. Its progressive look will be a great addition to any casual or sport-chic outfit.

Mason Garments style for warm seasons

These three series (Capri, Astro, and Bari) will become your go-to pairs for warm days. It is especially true for the Capri pair on the left as it won’t even require you to lace the shoes but easily slide your feet in and go on enjoying the sun.

High / Mid Mason Garments style

For some of the styles mentioned above, Mason Garments also has a high or mid version designed for colder seasons. So if you are an admirer of extra comfort and footwear that would embrace your leg in a warm hug, go for Torino / Firenze Mid or Astro / Genova Hi.

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