The sale period has already started (and is actually coming to an end soon). But don’t worry, you still have time to catch the masterpieces at reduced prices. So we are here to help you smartly choose the best sneakers from Mason Garments that are available on sale right now. And not only that: we’ve also built small capsules that match the recommended sneakers, so you can already have suggestions on how to pair those footwear pieces.

1. Bari

Best sneakers on sale - Bari

Petite and soft, these Bari sneakers in pastel colours should definitely take their place in your summer wardrobe – just because they are totally worth it! Here is a simple capsule for women (but don’t think this pair won’t fit men as well – soo not true!). Pair the Bari sneakers with flowy dresses or a combination of simple denim shorts and an elegant, flowery blouse.

2. Roma

Best sneakers on sale - Roma Classic

Keep it sporty with the Roma Classic – Pole Position! The name speaks for itself – the black and white outfit matches these sneakers the best (and cannot be perfect without this pair!). You can never go wrong with the classic black and white footwear, so don’t even hesitate to get this style.

3. Tia

Looking for a classic shoe that will stay in trend for a long time? We’ve got your back with this grey Tia. Clean and plain pair, but when combined with colourful pieces, it acts as a great final touch to the whole look.

If you want to read more about SS22 fashion trends, check our blog post on this topic.

4. Torino

Best sneakers on sale - Torino

Tonal beige outfits are one of the summer’s most popular and easy-to-go solutions. If you want to experiment with patterns and fabrics, take a look at the Torino Esotico.

5. Genova

If you are a fan of bright color outfit details, then this Genova pair will serve you well! Its pop of green can be easily combined with a matching bag or a more neutral-toned look, so the whole attention is drawn to the sneakers. Anyhow, we know you’ll make it look cool!

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