There might be some trends now and then that illustrate the style movements in terms of textures. However, there are always few solid footwear materials that are never out of the fashion spotlight. Today we will look at those ones specifically, and how we apply them in our production. 


Of course, the first mention takes the all-time popular leather, namely the smooth grain one. It is practical in care and elegant in looks – why we often use it in our collections.


If leather is the queen, then suede is the princess. A subcategory of leather, its softer type made from the inner surface, suede is usually more pliable yet less durable. We can’t deny its grace and thus, apply it frequently for Firenze and Tia models.


Nubuck is made of the outer layer of leather and is sanded to get rid of any possible defects or markings. Because of this, it is tougher than suede and has more velvety feel than the regular smooth leather – perfect basis for many of our styles.

Patterned leather

For those who require a special touch to their look, we design our patterned leather footwear. A bit more of visual volume, more details and hues – in general, more complexity. For instance, the Torino styles with patterned leather back part combine its characteristic refinement and an intriguing element. 

Mesh fabric

footwear materials

Mesh is a loosely-knit fabric that has lots of tiny holes in it which result in the light, elastic, and breathable material. It is therefore used for our sporty Genova style.

Reflective footwear materials

If you miss a special distinctive feature in your outfit, try wearing reflective items – something that is not that easily noticed during the daylight but definitely captivates attention under the flashlight or bright beams. Mason Garments has different applications of reflective elements, be it piping, eyelets, M parts or separate layers. You will easily find your own favorite! 

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