In order to understand which color splashes will occupy the streets soon, we have prepared a selection of top trends derived by Pantone Color Institute. Wondering how to apply those color solutions to your footwear collection? We will help you with that in just a moment!

Ultimate grey color

Chosen by Pantone as one of the two colors of the year 2021 (yeah, that’s right – this year has 2 main colors. Well, it had to have something good, right?), ultimate grey will definitely take its place in everyone’s wardrobe. You can nicely imbed some structure and depth into your shoes collection by going for this neutral tone. 

Illuminating and Lava Falls

Sunny and bright tints to dilute your spring color selection include these yellow and red. Isn’t it a perfect match for warm weather times? Determination and confidence are strongly conveyed in these colors. Dare to start the fire (not literally though) with the Torino Fiamma White and begin your new year in the brightest way possible!

Sphagnum green color

color trends

Do you prefer darker/muddy hues even during spring? Then Sphagnum green will most certainly suit your taste. Elegant and relaxed, the color looks flawless on both male and female footwear. For this season specifically, we have presented our new Astro style that also comes in this trendy green.

Pink Suede color

In case ease and comfort is what you want to pass through your look, Pink Suede will be just right. Sneakers in white with such pink details will visually add lightness. If you are not a big fan of pink but would still want to try it, consider the Torino Litchi White where we presented our branded two-tone outsole.

Buttercream and Desert Mist

To top it all off, have a look at this creamy trend. It can be that transition you are searching for, as it will match both your winter and spring outfits. Just try it yourself, and see how pleasant the Buttercream and Desert Mist are for your footwear rotation.

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