This is a brand history of Mason Garments and how it became the company you all now know. This is a story about its owner Rendi and his strong dream.

Up until 2012, Rendi had been having a vivid idea of starting his own brand for a long time. From his viewpoint, the products were supposed to be affordable with a luxurious twist. As an employee at a premium multi-brand store SUBZERO, Rendi had a lot of knowledge in fashion and his own opinion on it. After saving up enough, he made a decision to finally proceed with the dream. 

Brand history of Mason Garments and its owner Rendi
Rendi Aditia, the creator of Mason Garments
How it all started. Introduction video from year 2014

Unfortunately, Ren lost his investment to the first factory that kept on postponing the manufacturing. However, his plan to never give up helped him locate another factory, where the first batch of shoes was made. They became such a succes that the batch was sold out in 4 weeks. Rendi then started receiving calls from stylists and famous people asking for the sneakers. All the money earned during those times was promptly reinvested in new batches.

Rendi was not alone on the journey, as Mitchell, who also worked in the store, and Rachid, who was managing the finances, helped nourish the brand. Naturally, with growth comes a need for new people and new inputs. That’s why in the following years new members affiliated with the company – on this a bit later. Stay tuned for new blogs to get to know our whole team! 

Italian production

After 2.5 years, Mason Garments decided to bring the production to Italy. This was not an easy step since it’s usually difficult to find a reliable partner and even more challenging, to be accepted by them. Fortunately, the brand found a family-owned factory, which remains its production partner to this day.     

Made in Italy concept, from 2015

It all would never have been possible, if it wasn’t for continuous innovation and development. Collections and production kept on becoming stronger and better every time. Enduring work and belief in the power of personal relationships with people – that’s what mattered then and what matters even more now for Mason Garments.

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