Before diving into behind the scenes of Mason Garments new video, we really recommend you to experience its atmosphere first. Watch it and enjoy it!👇

Felt it? Now, it’s time to reveal how all that magic was being created. Paul Wismeier, the company’s Brand Director will tell us how the process of the video production went and what the general idea of the video is.

Who took part in the video production?

Maurice Giltjes (from The Lost Visuals) created this piece of art with the help of a few other people. In total, 5 individuals participated in the video shoot; the producer (Maurice), cinematographer (Eric Zwiers), lighting technician (Imre), model (Keba Fye), and me as a stylist and director.

How did you come up with the concept? What is the idea behind this video?

FW20 collection is called Vision of Tomorrow, and the campaign video is in line with such a title.

The video starts with a guy walking in while wearing one of the brand’s staple designs, a white Tia with the red heel cap. He notices our latest innovative silhouette, the Genova, on a futuristic display and gets curious. The moment he picks it up, he gets to experience what it is like to be his future self. It is his own ‘vision of tomorrow’. The video ends with him still wearing the Genova with the ‘future’ outfit. This is the moment that he decides to not look back, but to keep on moving forward…

Well, this was the best campaign video we’ve made so far!

Paul, the Brand Director

How did the whole process go?

We started at 9am and finished at 10:30pm, and the shooting alone took around 6 hours. Pretty long day, to say the least.

Shooting days usually start with the most time-consuming part: unpacking the equipment and building up the set. We had a few hours before the arrival of the model to set everything up and do some test shots.

I was in charge of the styling (first timer!) and production, which basically meant that it was my task to make everything go smoothly. I assisted where needed, made sure Keba looked great, and supplied everybody with drinks and food throughout the day (lucky me).

Were there any difficulties along the process?

We had some struggles with the build-up of the LED cube as some of the LEDs didn’t work. This was a minor setback, but we lost some time to do test shots as the light guy had to get new LEDs.

Luckily, everything was ready to start right after lunch. The process itself went great, and I felt that everyone was on top of their game.

Prior to the shoot, we had multiple meetings where we discussed the storyline and settings. Because of this, it was possible to film everything within the timeframe. Preparation is the key!

Any interesting aspects worth mentioning?

The music from the video was custom-produced to enhance the visuals. It is usually the other way around: editors pick a track and adjust the result to the sound accordingly.

Plus, I can’t forget the fact that it was simply the best video we’ve made so far! 😊

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